• We offer video production solutions from script to screen. We will produce an engaging, exciting and effective video product on-time and on-budget.

    Do you need a television commercial or a video demo of a new product or service? How about a web video to post on your website?

    Tigere Media offers video production solutions from script to screen. We will produce an engaging, exciting and effective video product on-time and on-budget. From a simple two-person crew to complete studio shoots or even location productions with full support staff; Tigere Productions can handle all your production needs.

    We can do anything from standard definition broadcast all the way to attention grabbing high-definition video . . . we can master your video for TV, DVD, or the web. Tigere Productions utilizes a combined 20+ years in the production business,

    Our video production services don’t end after the shoot is over. We offer a complete range of post-production services to complete your video project.

    Post production services include: - Final Cut Pro Editing (Standard & High Definition) - Audio Sweetening - 5.1 Audio Mixing - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe After-Effects - Various Plug-ins - DVD Authoring - Blu-ray Authoring - Web Video Compression - Web Page Design - We offer the following crews all over Africa: - Cameraman - Photography - Audio Technicians -Gaffers - Grips - Lighting Directors - Jib Operators - Teleprompter Services - Makeup Artist - On-Site Video

  • Our Web Video Department will conceptualize, script, produce, shoot, and edit any web video or audio production project. With web videos incorporated on your website, customer will stay engaged resulting in better web traffic and better sales. Many of today’s most advanced companies establish a strong online presence by simply utilizing the power of online video and sound Internet marketing strategies- and so should you!

    What sets us apart from our competition is that we realize it’s more than just getting your video on the web. It’s about looking good, because if you really look good you are going to get attention . . . and it‘s about being memorable, because being memorable creates word of mouth and that translates into increased traffic . . . and it’s about counting clicks, because as the clicks increase, so do your sales.

    You can expect the latest compression techniques, which ensure your web video not only looks good, but plays back perfectly smooth.

    Our Web Video Services


    Webisodes can be used as a preview, a promotion, as part of a collection of shorts, or a commercial.

    - Web Video

    Web video content serves a variety of uses such as in presentations, on social media channels and other marketing events.

    - Youtube Videos

    YouTube is THE largest platform for businesses trying to get in on high-engagement, high-impact video marketing.

    - Web Testimonials

    Web Testimonials establish trust and encourage visitors to buy, sign up, or take whatever action you are after.

    - Viral Videos

    Tigere Productions serve up viral fun along with marketing functions to create effective viral video campaigns for companies.

  • Hollywood has nothing on you. Green Screen technology provides you with all the bells and whistles; impressive 3-D graphics, sound effects; all of the glitz and glamour of a big budget movie. There’s virtually no limit to what you can do. The Green Screen video process allows for you, your product or your logo to be viewed in front of anything you can imagine. Green Screen is flexible, portable, time saving, and affordable – and shooting against a green screen allows you to revisit and update your existing video

  • Are you thinking about featuring your business in a television spot or web commercial? Let us determine the best way for you to connect with your audience and get your brand out there . . . And the good news is it won’t cost a gazillion Rands! We will help you create an exciting, engaging, and most of all, effective campaign that will help you reach new customers and increase your sales.

    TV Commercial Services Available

    - Script Writing

    - Location Scouting

    - Permitting

    - Model/Talent Casting

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    With a website, your business is open to the world 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s your business card, your brochure, and your catalogue. And for potential customers, it provides them with their first and lasting impression of you. Through strategic design planning, Tigere Media designs websites specifically to grow your online brand and then we will provide you with the tools to efficiently control and improve your web presence.

  • “Don’t let old VHS memories fade away . . . transfer them to DVD or computer video files today!”

    Do you have video tapes that need preserving? Tigere Productions is your source for professional film and video tape conversions.

    The average shelf life of an analogue tape is about 30 years, but over time the continuous effects of heat and humidity diminish the quality of the tape and shorten its life-span. And once the tape fades or breaks your video is lost forever. The best way to extend the life of your recorded memories is to transfer your old tapes to DVD or Digital Computer Video Files.

    Preserve your memories today. Our Tape & DVD duplication services are fast and affordable with a quick turn-around. Send us a message or give us a call today to get started!

    SFL Productions Duplication Services:

    •VHS / MiniDV / Hi8 to DVD

    •Cassette Tape to CD


    •DVD to DVD replication and duplication (1 to 1 million +)

    •Flash to QT

    •Any Digital File Format Conversion

  • Distinguish your portfolio from others and showcase your best work with a well-constructed demo reel. It’s more than just getting your Demo Reel into the hands of a potential employer; it’s about looking good, because if you really look good you are going to get attention . . . and it‘s about being memorable, because being memorable is going to get you that coveted second call-back and then BOOM, you have their attention. . . . and you can expect the latest video editing techniques, which ensure your Demo Reel not only looks good, but plays back perfectly smooth.


    We are a full on production house that has the expertise to cover Pre-Production, Production and Post Production services. Our experience has shown that Pre-Production forms a very crucial part of the production chain and if it’s handled well, the entire production and post production becomes simpler and easier.


    We offer the most advanced aerial video, film and photography services. Equipped with the best remote control aerial technology currently available, we provide the next level of camera mobility and the freedom to put a camera anywhere, any time and shoot at just about any angle. Our base unit includes state-of-the-art high tech features including guided GPS system, fully stabilized 360 pan, tilt and roll camera mounts, wireless video feeds.

  • Your company’s budget allowing, we use expensive pieces of glass to make your dreams a reality driven by our professionally trained inhouse and outsourced crewmembers. With twelve fully kitted Blackmagic 4K Studio Cameras four Blackmagic URSA 4K cameras capable of filming in 4k and full HD, there is no project that is too big for us to handle as we can also bounce down our final graded project in SD if needed.

    Our FlyAway Kit showreel


    We have a world class and industry standard sound studio operated by qualified engineers. Our audio suite has the latest Pro Tools with 5.1 Surround/ Dolby E capabilities.

    Below is a list of our Audio suite equipment:

    • Mac Pro Quad Core & 2 screens.

    • HD3 PCIe with Pt8

    • Waves Platinum TDM bundle (not upgradable)

    • Control 24

    • 1x 192 16x16

    • 1x 192 8 x 8

    • 3 x Adam S3xH

    • 1 x Adam Sub12

    • 2 x Adam A7x

    • API Pre Box

    • Summit TLA100

    • Hearback monitor system with 5 stations


    For Tigere Media, knowing the likes of Final cut, Adobe Premier Pro and other editing softwares isn't enough. We believe editing is all about story-telling. Our in-house talent are great story-tellers and they make this service a jam in the company. Our talent spans across all genres on both offline and online


    This is one of the most complicated and difficult technical processes in post production and we have both the talent and equipment to deliver.

    Our grading suite can accommodate SD, HD, Ultra HD and 4K platforms using Davinci Resolve controlled by a full Tangent Wave Element control surface. This is an equally important part of the entire production process as your program’s look and feel makes


    We have the talent and equipment on short form graphics design, visual effects and animation requirements that often connect with and enhance our edit based work. We have the expertise to add that little extra something to your project.


    Our viewing theatre doubles up as our boardroom and it can cater for 14 people at a time. The theatre has a 4K/3D LED Screen that is linked to our servers which means that a commissioning editor can view a project without us stopping the edit. The theatre has a 7.1 sound surround as well and that can be handy if needed.


    Through our partner company, Tigere Kwarten Music, based in London, we have a large library of music for your next motion picture or background music for your next TV show. We have a large pull of music composers whose credits get as big as Michael Jackson, Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares amongst others. Talk to us and we can even compose background music with a South African flavour for your project.


Tigere Creatives team is exactly that…a bunch of creative individuals. All my projects will be handled by this team from here-on-in.
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