The Company

Tigere Creatives is a premium TV, Film and Commercials production company that merries brands with TV shows to create an organic partnership that benefits the brands, the license owners, the broadcasters and the viewers. We have the expertise and resources to take TV production projects from pre-production phase to post production phase. We create TV formats and we also acquire international TV formats from overseas for local production.

We have established sound relationships with acclaimed international production houses/format owners worldwide and that give us an edge over any competition in South Africa and Africa at large. We pride ourselves in having acquired TV production licenses for the following internationally successful TV shows:

1. The Real Housewives – South Africa (we released ourselves from the licence before production commenced)

2. Take Me Out South Africa

3. Five Minutes To A Fortune

4. Dragon’s Den Ghana

5. The Only Way Is Soweto

We have also developed our own TV formats and these are:

– WeChatting (a once a week chat-fest show)

– Music Bootcamp (a music writer’s talent search show)

– Buzz E Bits (an entertainment magazine show)

– Eat 2 Date (dating meets cooking)

– TheBigFive (an unscripted dramality TV show)

– Social Reunion (a social media dating show)

– The Dream Interview (an aspirational edutainment show)

– The Honchos (an aspirational edutainment docie series)

– Buzz E Big Break (a singing talent search show)

– Divas of Jozi (an unscripted dramality series)

– The Love Lottery (gambling meets love/dating and comedy)


“The Tigere Creatives team instantly connected with my vision and in no time at all, the producers were handing me an awesome video demo. Problem solved and it was almost too easy.”
Client Testimony

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