Tigere Creatives Music

We pride ourselves in doing what the major record labels do not do anymore, Artist Development. We identify, recruit, and develop raw talent. We produce music, write music, and distribute music via our contacts in the industry. In short, we invest in and profits from selling music, we have many divisions that are all working towards that same goal.

Business Affairs Department takes care of label finances; bookkeeping, payroll, etc. Legal Department handles all contractual issues and other legal responsibilities.

A&R (Artists and Repertoire) Department locates and signs new talent. Our A&R Department serves as a liaison between our current and potential new artists and all the other departments at the label.

Art Department supervises all product design jobs, trade and consumer press advertising, retail sales posters and flats, and other needs of the print media

Marketing Department is responsible for creating the overall marketing plan for every record Tigere Creatives Music is releasing. They are also involved in coordinating all the promotion, publicity, and sales campaigns that we are committed to.

Publicity Department arranges for any feature stories, interviews, or record reviews in local and national newspapers, magazines, web-zines, as well as the broadcast opportunities for such coverage on radio stations and television.

New Media Department produces and promotes the music videos for the label’s artists that are shown on music TV channels. This department also oversees some promotions and marketing opportunities on the Internet that use the audio and video technologies available from online hardware and software sites that support music.

Artist Development Department usually oversees the career planning of artists signed to the label. This department coordinates a consistent marketing and promotion presence for an artist throughout their career with the record label. Unlike the bigger labels that prioritises Product development, we at Tigere Creatives Music pride ourselves in doing it the traditional way – we prioritise in artist developments over product development because the industry is changing and live performances are now paying more than CD sales.

Sales Department oversees all the retail activities of the label, and concentrates on building relationships with the key record store chains and other mass-market retailers. The Sales staff coordinates their efforts with the major label’s distribution company, as well as communicating regularly with the Promotion and Publicity departments at the label.

Label Liaison is the person who coordinates the business of the major label’s distribution company with the needs of their parent record labels. Street dates, (the date that a new release goes on sale at music retailers), are approved by the label’s distribution company

Promotion Department’s primary goal is secure radio airplay for their company’s new releases. These days that means not only traditional FM radio stations, but also select Internet stations and satellite radio as well. Their ability to get songs played on the radio is central to the success of the whole company. The Promotion department is closely connected to and constantly communicating with other departments within the label to make sure that all strategies being used to market and sell an artist’s record are working together properly. Soliciting videos to music oriented television networks and programs are also be the responsibility of this department.


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